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The Globe is Writing Crap Now

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all from the journalistically dishonest rag that is the Boston Globe, something else comes up.

The Globe is known (incorrectly) as one of the major papers in the United States. The papers history of journalistic dishonesty and straight up plagiarism is well documented. In fact, I documented it myself in a blog on November 17th, 2020. I have included the link here if you want to read all about that.

That brings us to today. The Globe’s “investigative reporter” Bob Hohler wrote a piece with the headline, Red Sox’ Tommy Harper Sees Racial Bias in Neighbor’s Police Complaint, Facebook Post.

This is click bait at its finest. Anything with race in the headline will get more clicks than something that doesn’t. Makes sense, the Globe wants to sell advertising. But when you get to the meat of what this story is about, it is comical that the Globe even ran it.

Here comes a synopsis of what the story is about. Ready? I’m going to do it in a paragraph.

A guy in a suburb looks out his door to see a neighbor’s dog dropping a fresh biscuit on his lawn. Said neighbor then gets pissed off and watches where this neighbor goes and goes over to whine about it. The neighbor whose dog did the unauthorized fertilization then yells at the other neighbor. A Facebook post then goes out to avoid the guys property with your dogs. The guy whose lawn was desecrated by kaka calls the police for some reason. The police then say that it was nothing. Globe then tries to spin a racial element because the complainant is African American.

That’s it. That is run in a “major” newspaper in the United States. What a joke.

As a member of my condo association, this is a very common squabble we hear. But it is never written up in the Boston Globe.

Take it from someone who can’t see rogue piles of dog crap, it is a total douchebag move to not pick up the dukey that your dog leaves on someone else's lawn. But, is that Boston Globe worthy? Absolutely not.

Let’s get to Bob Hohler trying to play the race card for this whole thing. Well, here’s why. Bob Hohler and Tommy Harper go way back when it comes to race-based investigative journalism. Tommy Harper has a long history of racial complaints against the Boston Red Sox (who have the same owners as the Boston Globe), and Bob Hohler covered that for the paper. Needless to say, they’re buddies. I’m sure they were sharing a beverage at some high priced wine tasting, when all this came up and Harper called in a favor from Hohler.

This, clearly, has nothing to do with race. The charge is that the dog poop bandit left the specimen in Harper’s lawn because of his race. As a fellow dog owner, I know for a fact that I can’t control where my chihuahua takes a dump. In fact, she typically does it exactly where I don’t want her to. So that charge is out the window.

Quite honestly, I feel like an absolute lunatic for writing this in the first place. But it is pure comedy that anyone thinks this paper is still reputable. They’re using the “investigative reporter” to take a deep dive into a neighborhood disagreement about the defecation habits of a dog. The great Kirk Minihane mocked this unmercifully on his podcast today. I suggest you go listen to that.

The main point of this blog is as follows: the Boston Globe likes to call themselves the number 1 newspaper in the city. But, after this article and the long history of journalistic dishonesty and plagiarism, I’d say they’re now…...number 2.

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