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Since losing sessions are inevitable, you must learn how to cope with them or quit playing poker. Otherwise, you can go on tilt and lose everything. It has happened thousands of times

Look hard at your own motives.

Why are you driven by the need to “get even”? You probably don’t know, and you may refuse to accept that your motives are irrational. For example, you may be too egotistical to accept losing, especially to players you regard as inferior. If you don’t understand your motives, your need to get even can destroy you.

How Do You Rate?

This rating scale measures your tendency to push when winning or losing.

Circle the number that best describes your agreement with this statement: I push much harder when I am winning than when I am losing. Agree strongly, Agree, Agree somewhat, Neutral, Disagree somewhat, Disagree, Disagree strongly.

Circle that number in the appropriate place on page 265.

The Critical Questions



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