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Tebow Time Again

There are some athletes in this world that people are just drawn to. It could be because of their pure athletic ability, their charisma or just their personality. Sometimes, people can’t just look away for some reason. It can be positive or negative.

Tim Tebow is just one of those athletes. People just flock to see him play whatever sport he’s playing or what he’s doing.

In college, Tebow was one of the best football players that have ever played. He brought a unique athletic ability and positivity to the game that was just so captivating. Tebow’s great attitude and positivity was quite refreshing to see in the cut throat business of high level college football.

Of course, Tebow’s intense religious beliefs have rubbed some people the wrong way. There are people who hate anyone that shows any kind of religious belief and credits a higher power for what they’ve done. Personally, I am not a religious person. In fact, I think organized religion has done a lot of damage. That being said, people who have religious beliefs and do not use them as a way to prey on others or make money are just fine. Some people use their faith to get through tough times and use it as motivation.

When Tebow was drafted in the first round, a lot of analysts said it was a terrible move. He wasn’t your stereotypical quarterback, and probably wasn’t first round QB talent. But, I think Denver Broncos head coach at the time Josh McDaniels saw a unique athletic ability and work ethic. I’d say it paid off. The Broncos went on a legendary run that saw them make comeback after comeback, and win a playoff game. Clearly, the team rallied around Tebow, and pulled together to do the best they could. We all remember that throw to Demariyus Thomas against the Steelers in overtime. As a Denver fan, I was ecstatic at that moment. Unfortunately, Tebow ran into the ultimate buzzkill that is the New England Patriots and got spanked in the next game.

After that, Tebow couldn’t catch that magic again as a QB. He was signed a couple times in New England and to the Jets as a backup and special teamer, but refused to switch positions. Tebow had the unique skill set that would’ve been great as a H-back, fullback or tight end. Honestly, if he didn’t stick to his guns at QB, he would’ve fit perfectly in Bill Belichick’s scheme as a swiss army knife type player.

Nevertheless, Tebow ended up retiring from football as a QB and went on to be an analyst for ESPN college football. Which he was tremendous at by the way.

Then in 2016, Tebow decided to throw his hat into minor league baseball. He was eventually signed by the New York Mets organization and was a huge draw. Was he a great baseball player? Absolutely not. He played 3 seasons in the minors and had a .223 batting average. I don’t claim to know a lot about baseball, but that isn’t great. He did hit 18 home runs, which isn’t shocking because he is quite strong. All in all, he was average at best. He was good enough to warrant signing him for the publicity.

Tebow’s limited success in baseball was just another reason for those who already disliked him to dislike him more. Tebow has success in almost everything he tries which pisses people off.

Then the news breaks a week or so ago that Tebow is working out for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end. Obviously, Tebow’s old coach at Florida, who is now the Jags coach, gave him the opportunity. Loyalty goes a long way. A lot of people, including myself, thought this was a favor that wouldn’t turn into much. Tebow hasn’t played professional football since 2012, and spent his time on TV and playing baseball. He is a unique athlete and competitor, so there is always a chance.

Yesterday, it came out that Tim Tebow has signed a 1 year deal with the Jaguars worth $920,000 to play tight end. With this, the internet explodes and the Tebow lovers and haters come out in droves. Not only that, but the Kaepernick crew starts trying to play the racism card. Saying that Tebow only got this chance because he’s white. Which may be the most ridiculous reach I’ve ever seen. That’s neither here nor there.

Conspiracy theories began to fly around Twitter. People were saying that Urban Meyer only signed Tebow because he kept quiet about Aaron Hernandez’s problems back in the Florida days. Is that intriguing? You bet. Is it true? I strongly doubt it.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am rooting for Tebow to succeed. I have always liked the way he plays the game and his positive attitude. Not only that, but Tebow’s never say die work ethic is something I relate to. Tebow is a great role model that anyone can get behind. I’d much rather see a player like Tebow praying on the field, than see some other player flashing gang signs.

Tebow has been humbled by his inability to sustain being a QB in the NFL. He saw that his ability to be a baseball player was fading, and he said, you know what, I’m going to go use my athletic ability for my old coach.

You can’t fault the guy for wanting to play football again. He is just going to do the best he can, and I think he will succeed as a tight end. I know he will be my last pick in my fantasy draft this year. Like I said at the top, like it or not, it’s Tebow TIme again.

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