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Is It Worth Being Right?

I’ve always been right down the middle as a person. Some topics, I lean left, some I lean right, and others I just stay right in the middle. That has done nothing for me but make both sides angry.

Unfortunately, in this country, the extremes rule the roost. The marginalized political ideologies are those that actually listen to logic, don’t follow party lines and actually have thoughts that are just parroted opinions of high ranking politicians. It has become a political high crime to think for yourself. It’s honestly sickening.

The political spectrum has become a high stakes pissing match between right wingers and leftists. At the expense of the majority of us.

The Boulder, Colorado shooting is a prime example of this.

The horrible tragedy of people being slain in a grocery store by a lunatic, scumbag with a gun, shouldn’t become a political soapbox to stand on.

It started directly after the shooting. Leftists on Twitter like Michael Moore and old friend Julie DiCaro were tweeting that it is always “a white guy with a gun” that carries out mass shootings like this. Even going as far as saying that the police didn’t shoot and kill the suspect “because he was white.” Obviously implying that if the shooter was a person of color, the police would have just immediately killed him.

First off, that is just disgusting. The police put themselves in harms way to end a mass shooting that should never happen. If they did kill the suspect, I say good riddance. He is a piece of violent trash that took the lives of innocent people and needs to be eliminated from the gene pool. I don’t care if he was white, black, brown, purple, green or any other color.

Then the news breaks that the shooter was of North African descent. The idiots, like DiCaro, immediately panicked and immediately deleted their social media posts and did some damage control.

What was equally sickening was then some right wingers who were taking victory laps because the shooter wasn’t white. Screaming “SEE! He was a muslim!” Did I miss something? Does the fact that the gunman wasn’t white make this a good thing? Last I checked, 10 people died for no other reason than this pathetic excuse of a human being was upset. This is no time for anyone to be happy that their side of a political argument was correct.

If you asked me, both sides are horribly wrong in this case.

I don’t care if a mass shooter is a white supremacist KKK member, a Muslim ISIS Jihadist or an over grown salamander with a grudge, they should not happen.

Then, inevitably, comes the gun arguments. The folks on the left want to take all the guns away, and the people on the right turtle and say “you’ll never take my guns!” Quite obviously, the answer is somewhere in the middle, which both sides refuse to see.

I’m not a gun guy. I have no need for one. That being said, owning a weapon is guaranteed in the constitution, so I am not against anyone owning one. But I don’t think everyone in this country should have one. We all know that friend who should never have a weapon of any kind, nevermind a gun. The kind of guy who has an almost sexual experience when they’re holding or even thinking about a firearm.

Both sides of the argument are flawed in this battle we’ve been fighting for years now. First, let’s take a look at some stats. There is no question in anyone’s mind that if you own a gun, you are much more likely to be hurt by a gun than someone who doesn’t own one. That’s just obvious. Is that a reason to ban something? Not even close. A person who owns a car is much more likely to get in a car accident then someone who doesn’t. Should we ban cars? These same people that want to ban guns also don’t understand guns. I saw on social media someone thought an AR-15 shot 15 bullets at the same exact time. That’s comical. I don't know much about AR-15s but I know it can’t shoot 15 bullets at once.

Putting stats and such aside, the left should think about what they want to do. They’re trying to take guns away from the people that have guns. If you want to try and do that, go right ahead. See how that turns out.

To the other end of the argument we go.

Some people take the whole gun thing way too far. Do you really need a full arsenal of semi-automatic rifles with armor piercing bullets? Besides the fact that you’re only one person, and have no more than 2 hands (I assume) therefore can only shoot one at a time, why do you need that many? I get that they can be collectors items like baseball cards or model trains, but if you’re just collecting them, why do you need the bullets? Do you think someone is going to come after you? I’m sure some of you actually think the government is coming for you, but they’ve got bigger fish to fry than some gun nut. I’m fine if you want to collect them. Maybe hang them in a room as a conversation piece or history display. If that’s the case, I’d like to come see them to be honest.

But seriously, there is absolutely no need for a gun that can take out a crowd of people in less than a minute to be in the hands of your average American. Trained military personnel and law enforcement should be the ones who have that kind of fire power to protect us from the whack jobs who want to hurt us.

Those responsible gun owners out there should be on my side. These nuts that go out and shoot innocent people give them a bad name.

No reasonable person is against strict background checks and mental health evaluations for people who want to buy guns. I mean in some states, they do more investigation when people try to buy a house than when they buy a gun. Seems a little off to me.

Unfortunately, level heads like me won’t have a part in the discussion. The extremes on both sides will ultimately make the decision. And by that, I mean there won’t be any decisions made. It will just go on and on until something else happens to take focus away from the issue. Sad but true.

I’ll end by saying this, just because everyone has the right to do something, doesn’t mean everyone should.

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