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Can You Say That?

So, I get home this afternoon after being at my bachelor party up in New Hampshire. I didn’t look at my phone for almost 2 whole days. It was glorious. Just hung out with my buddies and hoisted a bunch of brews.

Then, I decided to check Twitter and see what was going on in the world. Oh boy, was I surprised to see something.

I do two or three good scrolls and then I see what may have been the most offensive tweet known to man. CNN contributor Adeel Raja said, and I quote, “The world today needs a Hitler.”

Like anyone who saw this at first, I thought it was some kind of a joke. I follow some comedy podcasts and some other folks with dark senses of humor. Then I clicked on the account and saw that it was a blue checkmark journalist that contributed to CNN.

For those who don’t know, there is a bit of hostility that is heating up between Palestine and Israel. There has always been conflict in that area going back to when people first started living there. It even goes back to the Ancient Egyptians. Then, after World War 2, the country of Israel was created as a Jewish country in response to the atrocities of the Holocaust. Ever since then, Palestine has been quite disgruntled.

Now, this may be a hot take here but, I think Palestine had a right to be upset. They had some of their land and holy places taken from them in response to a world event they had almost nothing to do with. Did they handle it well? No way. It has been almost 80 years and they are still attacking each other over it. All I’m saying is that the Palestinians have a right to be upset.

All of that being said, let’s go back to this idiotic tweet.

I hate “cancel culture” as much as the next guy, but I think this kind of thing needs to be removed from this country. This Adeel Raja guy literally said that he wants one of the most horrific people to come back. Not only that, but it is in response to war-like attacks coming against the people that Hitler wanted exterminated from the Earth.

This wasn’t some kind of bad comparison to some other politician or some off the cuff comment. This was a clearly, anti-semetic comment. There is no masking it. Raja clearly wants another Hitler to emerge and eliminate Jewish people. That is absolutely baffling.

I can’t believe this tweet ever got out there. In a time where if you tweet anything about Covid-19, there is a warning underneath the tweet, a blatant Hitler reference gets through the censors.

The double standard of “cancel culture” is now out in the open. If this was a FoxNews contributor, this thing would have blown up and there would be an angry mob outside the person's house at this moment. But, because it is a CNN contributor and he is usually on the “acceptable” side of the mob, it won’t get much traction. Hopefully, Adeel Raja will no longer be a CNN contributor. In my mind, there is no coming back from hoping for a genocide.

But, I wouldn’t be shocked if this one gets forgotten about quickly. The tweet was swiftly deleted. It was up for about 2 hours. Hopefully, places like Blind Owl Blogs get the word out there and this guy pays for this blatant racism and bigotry. If Trump got kicked off Twitter for tweeting nonsense, I think blatant anti-semetism is grounds for removal.

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