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2023 Week 12 NFL Picks

I must start with a bit of miracle. It is the Sunday of Thanksgiving week and as of this morning, I weigh a pound less than Wednesday...

2023 Week 10 NFL Picks

PSA ANNOUNCEMENT: Tropic Thunder is free to watch on YouTube.. So, that's cool. Editor’s Note: First of all, I’m not 100% sure why that...

TB12 Tanking

I usually have no problem with someone that is trying to promote healthy living and proper nutrition. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of...

Rich is Running

Isn’t workplace drama always interesting? Especially when it has nothing to do with you and is happening on a very public scale. That’s...

2023 Week 9 NFL Picks

People, I had every intention of writing some sort of holiday based intro to this thing. Maybe mentioning that the day after Halloween is...

2023 Week 8 NFL Picks

Have a look at how we did in Week 7 and scope out our picks for Week 8.

2023 Week 7 NFL Picks

I don’t care what anyone says. I’m in a great mood and you’ll find out why soon. You could call me any name under the sun and you...

2023 Week 6 NFL Picks

You know what we have here at BO Blogs more than most? We’ve got dedication. Even though I am sick, I have our 30 regular readers in mind...

2023 Week 5 NFL Picks

We’re pretty deep into the NFL picks this year. Not sure about you, but when bye weeks start we are really into the season. We’re...

2023 Week 4 NFL Picks

Ok folks. Save your comments. I know the Broncos lost by a butt ton. I’m even taking shrapnel from 5th grade Chiefs fans at school. I...

2023 Week 3 NFL Picks

Full disclosure. It’s Thursday night, I don’t feel like writing this little intro. But true mental toughness is doing something when you...

2023 Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 is done and it sure was excellent. I was right about the Chargers/Dolphins game being incredibly entertaining. One thing I did...

2023 Week 1 NFL Picks

It’s time for what I know you’ve been itching for since February. The annual Blind Owl Blogs NFL picks have begun. In classic BO Blogs...

Strikers Striking Out

Now I happen to work in an industry where it is technically illegal for us to go on strike. I’ve dreamed of losing my shit in a staff...

Big Bad Bruin Debacle

The Boston Bruins made history in the regular season, and they're one game from doing it again for a whole different reason.

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